Animal Care and Mission Statement

Rabbit tiger

Our Goals


Mission statement:

While our methods may not fit everyone's description of farming, we do believe in the ethical care and treatment of livestock. This stems from a great desire to impart on our children the importance of sustainability and the great responsibility to understand not only where your food comes from, but the immense amount of care required to raise your food.

wandering geese

Free Range and Best Feed

While the purpose of livestock is to provide milk, eggs, become pets and yes even become food and clothing, in our opinion, this means that the animals must be treated with extra care.

This extra care include giving lots of space (e.g. free range hens and geese), gentle handling, and access to the best feed and supplements. 

We have found raising animals in this manner gives us top quality products and, more importantly, gives the animals a stress free environment. 


Sustainable for the Environment

This also pays dividends in work around the farm. For example by having our hens and geese to free range, this has eliminated our need to use herbicides and even weed. Our hens will also eat table greens and thus reduce our impact on the environment and increase sustainability.

Another added benefit is that our animals are extremely docile and easy to handle. They do not spook, which limits their potential for injuries as well. 

A win win for all!